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Policy Review – Allocation of Housing

Service Area – Allocation of Housing

Our Allocations Policy sets out the rules that we follow when letting our properties.  These rules are governed by legislation and guidance to ensure that houses are allocated in a fair and equitable manner as well as making best use of our housing stock. 

As you will be aware from previous correspondence, the introduction of The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 – makes changes to the allocations rules and as such, we have now carried out an internal review of our current policy. 

Some of the changes in the act relate to how we consult on our Policy and set out how we should prioritise the allocation of houses, internal transfers and exchanges.  We are required to consult with the following groups before we make any changes; applicants on our housing list; our own tenants; registered tenant organisations and any other persons as we see fit.

We have recently consulted with our Management Committee and are now preparing to send out a summary consultation document to all of the above groups.

We would welcome feedback to ensure that we take account (where applicable) to all views expressed.

Please watch out for our consultation paperwork.