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Supporting Communities Fund


On the 18th March 2020, the Scottish Government announced an investment of £350 million to support local communities and households during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a community anchor group, Faifley Housing Association submitted an application for funding to support the Faifley Community foodshare, which operates from the white church on Faifley Road.

An application was made for the sum of £30,800 to assist with the following costs:

  •   Twelve month rental of a delivery van from Arnold Clark motors;

  •   Provision and delivery of food parcels, pre-packed meals and packed lunches

    for the residents of the Faifley community.

    We are delighted to advise that our application was successful and we have now received confirmation of an award for the full amount of £30,800.

    Faifley HA staff will co-ordinate the spending of the grant with the Foodshare as soon as funds become available.

    We would ask all residents to give consideration to any other community groups which may benefit from grant funding so that we may apply on their behalf if possible.

    Contact details: 01389-877924 Contact us: On this website. Text message: 07860018145